The Atiguns – 180cm x 145mm Nylon Splitboard Climbing Skins


Made in the USA!

180cm x 145mm nylon splitboard climbing skins.

Cruelty-free, no mohair.

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The Atigun skins are named after the Atigun Gorge in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The spirit animal design helps remind us about the important things and why we take to the wild in the first place.

Pair our Refuge Splitboard with these suckers or, if you must, any other splitty and get ready to smash pow with our industry-leading lightweight 145mm nylon skins (100% cruelty-free, no mohair).

Length: 180cm x 145mm.

Insta-snap tail connector

Universal metal tip connector

Trim tools and instructions

Proudly made in the USA and proceeds donated to Leave Our Lands Alone Alliance, a Kyv Gear 501(c)(3).


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